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2002-01-22 21:30:37 (UTC)

giving up hope

There are times when someone
Just wants to give up all fun,
Anything that pertains to life.
But, then they realize,
They can't just give up,
So, the suffer through it
As more and more conflict gets pushed
Towards them until they want to give up
Friends try to help, but they
Know nothing, because there
Is no way anyone can understand.
Pressure is coming at you
From all directions:
From school, parents,
Teachers, familly members,
anyone walking down the street.
Stress coming at you from all sides
Are you going to get the right grades?
Will your suicidal friend live through the night?
Will you ever find the "perfect" guy?
When does it all stop??
It just continues on and never ends, never
even pauses briefly.
Nothing can be stopped as the whirling world
Drags us along for the neverending, always
turning rollercoaster of ups and downs of life.