If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2002-01-22 21:14:36 (UTC)

This Entire Weekend Rocked...

Well I have had an awesome three day weekend...I chilled
with the most amazing people this weekend...I actually
learned a lot this weekend believe it or not...I learned
that sometimes friendship can be interpreted as something
its not...sometimes your friends wont be able to be there
for you and your friends are not always mind readers so
dont expect them to know whats up with you...ive learned
that it pays to be honest with your friends because they
will love you more for it and the will like you for you if
you're not fake...i learned that true friends will never
judge you for any reason no matter what you do or have done
in the past...the way they see it it was just something you
did that you have a bad memory about...(thanks boo)
i also learned not to think that youre always annoying
people unless you know for sure...somethings arent as
noticeable as you takes time to see inner takes time to learn the true meaning of
friendship and it takes time to see just how much your
friends really mean to you...but...if they're youre true
friends they will be there for you through every obstacle
that comes your way but dont hate them for having their own
lives too...they may not be there when it happens but they
will always be there to listen...(unless youve done
something terribly wrong to them and they just dont want to
tell you how really fucking annoying you are...i know a
situation like that but thats another story for another
day)...ive learned this weekend that your wisdom is not
decided on how many birthdays you have but the many
experiences in life that you have overcome no matter what
youre age is...(look at me im still a youngin and i act
like im thirty! i have enough experiences to last me three
lifetimes maybe even four!!) your wisdom doesnt always work
for everyone else but atleast you tried the most important
thing is that you were there to listen and to help and that
right there shows the beginning of a beautiful
friendship...listening, comforting, guiding, giving advice
to, and sharing a smile with someone each day whether you
want to or just a small part of friendship which
works both ways if i might also may just brighten
someones day and you wouldn't even know it...just a simple
smile can make someones day that had been rotten up until
you smiled all me i know...i speak from
experience...this entry is dedicated to those of you i
spent my weekend with because you listened, you cared, you
comforted, you guided, you shared laughs, but most of all
the times i was down and didnt show it...ALL OF YOUR SMILES
BRIGHTENED MY DAYS... and i appreciate it so much...i luv u out for now