a little piece of me
2002-01-22 21:00:50 (UTC)

writing for the hell of it

yeah, so i don't really feel like writing. i don't have
anything to say at all in fact. it's just that i try to
write in here everyday, and if i get out of the habit
again, i don't know if i'll be able to stick to that.

last night was not pleasant. today, however, i just don't
care. my stomach is pitching a bitch fit, so i might run
to the store and get some salad soon. i've thrown out
nearly everything else, so i won't be tempted to eat. i
try to keep fairly busy so i don't realize i'm hungry.
it's working out ok thus far. it's been 24 hours since the
last salad, and i'm going to hold off as long as i can.

jua is really pissing me off right now. she keeps dumping
her water dish out all over the place. she's done it 3
times since i've been here, and who knows how many while i
was gone. i don't know why she keeps doing it, but i'm
going to kick her little tiny ass in a minute if she
doesn't quit. ok, not really, but i guess if i say it, i
won't feel the urge to do it. who knows. head is killing
me, feeling dizzy, so i'm gonna go.