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2002-01-22 20:23:40 (UTC)

I stayed home from school..

I stayed home from school today... pain :(..... Oh well
I'll live. Wow this is weird... the horoscopes and quotes
and stuff Jamie just showed me... really weird stuff it was
like exactly what we were talking about. Jamie is the
greatest girl to ever enter my life... and people like Kim
don't believe that I will know her after high school... but
I say FUCK THAT! We would not let that happen. We will keep
in touch.. I mean fer real... If I'm single when I'm 24 and
she's single at 23.... we're getting married! I can't wait!
hahaha. I hope she comes over Sunday to watch the game with
me... she's definetly the only girl who has ever asked me
if she could come over to watch a football game, lol.
WOWWWW i'm tired i hate these damn pain killers. OMG this
kis Kirk is so annoying... he's in love with Liz and he's
asking me all this shit about her and i just want to forget
about her. I dont want to think about this girl... she
doesnt like him and he wont accept that. Jesus this is
annoying. I almost wish she would say yes to him so he
would shut the fuck up and I didnt have to think about
these people. LOL I told Kirk she's weird... which she is
and she will admit it openly... and he gets all defensive
and tells me I'm only saying it b/c she broke up with me...
what bullshit... i suggested the breakup but in the end it
was mutual. Genesis Missile: if your gonna say shit about
her, don't fucking talk to me HAHAHA this kid is in love
with her and she doesnt even like him. Thats pretty sad. I
really dont care what she does or what she thinks or what
she says... I don't have to worry about her ever again.
Hopefully I'll have a new girlfriend soon which I know she
would be a better girlfriend because she would probobaly
really like me... but whatever I don't want to think about
Liz Graham anymore... she was a good girlfriend for a
little while... but she never will have a relationship that
lasts unless it was someone like Kirk who wouldnt care
about anything except for the fact that she said yes to him
and thats enough for him. Sickening! The flyers winning
streak came to a close last night :( Pittsburgh defeated
them 5-2... what the fuck was Brian Boucher doing in there!
Checker had gotten a shut up the night b4 and then they put
in Boosh. Not smart. 8 games they had won in a row
though.... not bad! "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" If
thats true... some people like Liz are lucky... they will
never have a broken heart! hahahahazzzz OMG the secret song
by Green Day from Dookie! ALL BY MYSELF! this is absolutly
the gayest song ever written! I havent heard that in sooooo
long. Another turning point a fork stuck in the road....
wow thats such a great song.. Time of your life..... Ted is
warning me.. I'm pissing him off :) this is fun! well i'm
gonna bounce... lata

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