emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-22 19:48:28 (UTC)

last nite in downtown

AHHHH. no. last nite was nuts. haha. me belo and john a. we
went to the mall and then walked allllll around
downtown/waterside to take pictures and it was soooo fun.

today went by so fast. went to bells one and 2. took exams
and went home. ive been here with belo watchin my best
friends wedding, eatin macaroni, makin shirts and listenin
to the same song over and over, ''theres a hurricane in my
chest...just like the one in my cup.." AHH I LOVE IT!

haha. hey bellotti what if i tied my socks like this?? hahah

wow today i guess when belo and i were upstairs char came
by with liz and cait...she left me a neclace with a star on
it and a note. hmm.

welp im gonna go for now, ill write more later.