Book of Shadow and Light
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2002-01-22 19:36:31 (UTC)

Really, wish I had something to write about.

Hiya, How goes it?

Well, at the moment I am sitting in class and, DAMN, it's
boring. I suppose that's normal, though. When is class
anything but boring? Isn't like I'm learning any thing. As
I say to my good friend, Fletch, "School is not a place for
learning to take place. That is done on your own time."

I was sitting earlier and the greatest idea for a story
popped into my head. Well, it's a decent idea. I don't
suppose that I should say that it's the greatest. It
should make for an entertaining story. Once I'm done
)I'll post it on
http://www.epilogue.net and you can go read it! That could take
years though! Even though I have nothing
posted right now it is still a great site. They only accept
high quality stuff and they judge very well.

Anyway, gotta go.

'Till the Morrow

James (Drinin)

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