I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-01-22 18:18:43 (UTC)


It's been awhile, I know. Sorry. Well, to recap, Sunday was
my 22nd birthday. Hope suprised me with tickets to Cirque
du Solei. It was so amazing. I cried. Yeah, I'm a wussy
girl, I know. It really was beautiful and wonderful and fun
and amzing. I don't have the words to describe it. Then we
went to a bar with her boyfriend whom I love, he's great
(no, I don't love him in that way) and another guy named
Nick who was really nice and we had a great conversation.
How come I don't meet more people like him?

I got surgery on my arm yesterday, nothing big, just a mole
removed. It looks like that scene in Matrix where Keanu
Reeves woke up in his pod and pulled the tubes out of his
arms. Well, it looks like there was a tube in my arm that I
pulled out. It's not really bad, but it looks odd.

I need a hair cut desperately. Class is over for today. I
have to go to Publix to pick up my prescription. I also
have to look for a job. I see that Tony Roma's is hiring.
Hmmmmm...maybe. There is one nearby. We'll see.

Now I'm pondering a nap, but I don't want to sleep for
hours, but I'm afraid that I might. I dunno. More later.