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2002-01-22 18:00:21 (UTC)

Jan 22, 2002

I am secertly seeing someone, no one knows him and no one
knows that this is happening. This is so scary that I can
not tell my friends and have any of my friends know about
him. They think that I am still alone and that I am not
having sex but to their surprize I am leading a double life.
I love it! You can't understand how nice is it to see
someone without you friends pu5tting there two cents in and
taking the attention away from you to satify their needs.

I have tried to tell my friends, have tried to put the words
together to have them happy or sad for me but I can't if you
know how it hurts when someone removes the focus from the
person you care about and they use it for their opporunities
I see no reasons not to tell them.

Also I have an ex-boyfriend that does seem to leave the
group of my friends so to protect him and others from
getting hurt because I can have men in my lifes without
being protected by boys who think they are men it is ok,
what my friends don't understand is that I am a strong
willed person and I can take care of myself.

I hope in writing this diary that I can move forward and
fined the courage to tell my friends if not them I will just
keep my little secert, it has been a long time coming that I
totally do not trust my friends.

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