lost and confused
2002-01-22 17:49:22 (UTC)

my life with "him"

I love being with him. We spent sometime together yesterday
and as always it was heaven. All we did was cuddle in
eachother's arms and just hold on to the moment. I couldn't
stay long because I had to go home and he had to head on
for home also. He told me he loved me and that he made it
home alright. We said our goodnights and everything was ok.
Today I wait for his phone call, but nothing. I finally
called his work and they told me he called in sick. He was
fine last night. Either his grandfather past away, or his
wife got sick again and had to leave for the hospital or
doctor's office. I hate when he attends to her but I knew
when I went into this relationship, he was married he never
lied to me about that. It just hurts. I called his cell
phone number, but it's been turned off, so I know he is
with her. I hope it's not his grandfather passing away. Oh
why hasn't he called. This is going to kill me until he
calls me. But I knew he was married, so I have no one to
blame but myself for whatever I feel.