The Schwank File
2002-01-22 17:43:39 (UTC)

i was just doin my thang....

Hey, y'all. It's been a little bit since the last entry.
Not tooooo much has been going on really. I've been to two
basketball games since Saturday and listened to Squire's
online, and none of the outcomes were any good. I'm getting
in all my homework with plenty o' movie-watching, too.
Never Been Kissed is so "awwwwwwwwwwwwww"! Last night we
watched Cruel Intentions. I'm hoping that if ever the love
of my life decides to show up that he doesn't get hit by a
taxi. That would suck. I'm not in the most fantabulous of
moods--I am requesting chatty-poo time with any of you guys
if you get a chance today. I have an issue I can only
honestly discuss with my girls.

I'm listening to Celebrity right now--that always puts me
in a better mood. "Do Your Thang" is on now :o) That's the
song I need to hear at this particular moment (see above
reference to issue in need of discussion). Anyhoo, I'm
planning on doing some espanol now and then my chem set.
Perhaps a nap will fit in there, too. Anyhoo, give me a
ring please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you so,

PS Yes, Mel, I often miss the phone from the top bunk. Of
course, it is helpful if the bottom bunker gets off her duff
and answers it first. Good luck with that ;p