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2002-01-22 16:23:12 (UTC)

Bored * yawn *

I love Ebay!!

It's my new bestfriend now.. [sorry Kari] *laughs*

It's so much cheaper than going to Suncoast to get the
animes there. Why is Suncoast so damn expensive? *gags* I
got eposides 1-10 plus a special of Fruit Baskets for
15.95!! How cool is that?! I'm so happy...finally get to
see the anime for that manga.

Which reminds me... I have to read chapter two of volume
one of Fruit Baskets. Wai! Wai! I don't have time though.
Kyou-kun *heart* is soooo extremely funny! [In my opinon] I
like fact I like all of the bisheoun in Fruit
Baskets... that appeared so far.

How come nobody likes Yuki? Is it because appears girly?
Don't hold that against him. .

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