Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2002-01-22 15:43:08 (UTC)

Hoisted by my own C-Drive

Im back!
But I didnt really flake out on writing in my diary...really
I am telling the truth. My HP decided it was unfit for
survival in this cruel, cruel world and ended it all in a
fit of error messages and beeping sounds.
However! The "system" (with that I mean the cause and
effect international service market...not the actual
computer) worked for a change, and HP grabbed my comp
straight from my pad (home...not the soft pliable spongelike
substance reminicant of human flesh) fixed it and returned
it within 10 days... JESUS im impressed!
Usually I have to go through so much inane crap just to
order a pizza...but something worked this time. Musta been
an off day.

Oh Oh...my wife is but a month away from giving birth to our
first child....things are getting interesting around the ole
homestead...I tripped over a stroller the other day, causing
me to reflect on my entire life up to that point...strollers
shouldnt do that for Christsake!