Visions Of Life
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2002-01-22 14:46:53 (UTC)

Dreaming Of Handcuffs And Ice Cubes...


-Never look forward to anything and you will never be
disappointed. When something good happens you will be
suprised and happy and when something bad happens you wont
be caught off guard...


Damn.. Wasnt I the optimist yesterday.. lol

Everything in my life is going pretty well except work. My
job has been a pain in the ass the last two days. RAH!!!!!!
Two nights in a row I have ended my shift by saying "damn I
need a cigarette..or 2..or just some decent weed.." lol..
and I dont even smoke cigarettes..crazyness..

I have the thirst of a large groups of Aboriginees...

Hmmmmm.. the image of being handcuffed and pelted with ice
cubes has been inplanted in my brain.. Yum.. Cold and kinda
Kinky.. lol

I have a quick question for a special someone.. lol.. If I
am stuck with you for a long time, does this mean we are
gonna be in the nursing home together playing "handcuff the
nurse" or something like that? *giggles* Fuck.. well you
brought up the nursing home scenerio.. lol.. I just added a
kinky twist..

Okay.. I am never going into a residents room again..damn..

This is day.. I dunno of sorting out the I
need a therapist, damnit but my insurance changes so much so
I need to stay with one insurance company and then find a
shrink cuz I cant afford a non insurance If I
did that I could say goodbye to eating.. and driving...
and..yeah.. lol They need a free psych service for the With theswe high prices for therapy and pills
and stuff, they wonder why there are millions of crazies
wandering the country.. Fuck.. Its cheaper to buy weed then
get "real" help.. *laughs*

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