2002-01-22 14:22:42 (UTC)

909 am thats a stupid time of..

909 am
thats a stupid time of day.
i dont understand why the world starts so early.
fuck that.
my cat is attacking the blinds.
hes crazy
honey nut cherrios are good
sandy found it and im happy
i am dizzy and not awake
im supposed to see jennifer today
i wonder if shell call me
i hope so. i miss her so fucking much.
i want to go far away today
far away from orlando
but just changing where you are doesnt really change
anything anyway
so whatever
i love fat milk its great.
i went to sleep before one last night
i got enough sleep
but i never really do.

oone more song and then i make myself leave.
im so done with this wake up school work ritual.