Self harming dyke
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2002-01-22 13:14:28 (UTC)


Mood: Anxious
Song: *I turn to you* (Mel C)
Cuts: Only a couple last night.

I went to see the psychotherapist today. She is really nice
and easy to talk to and doesn't stare too much. I hate it
when people stare at me. She asked all the normal first
session questions and I am going to see her on Tuesday of
next week. She actually asked to see the cuts which was
nice. Normally doctors just accept that you have done it
then change the subject. I told her everything I could
remember and gave her the sheets I had written it all on,
so that it is out in the open. She told me that my
treatment will be quite long and that she thinks she can
help, which was very reassuring.

I have just been for a coffee with Catherine. I told her
that I had been in hospital on Sunday, but didn't say what
for. I think she understands roughly. She told me that her
dad died about a year ago, which was a really brave thing
for her to say. She was showing how she understands the not
being able to trust anyone well enough when you are away
thing. She was studying in Bruges at the time.

I am determined to make all this work, but I have to go and
talk to V.P. about how the payment will work. I am scared
about this because it is going to be tough to explain
without giving too much away. I hope she understands.

That's all for now.