stella's steamy paperback novel
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2002-01-22 13:09:01 (UTC)

mother natur is going to pay

i am so mad about today! i can't belive that they
cancelled today!!!!!!! do you know what this means? this
means that this weekend that i've been looking forward to
for a very long time... ceases to exist. beause my stupid
math exam has to be on monday.

i think i should protest. (i wish it were the sixties!)

okay i've already complained enought to shewy so i'll stop.

well.... lets talk about something else.

yesterday i kinda felt sick and so i took a pill and tried
to nap. it was then and there that i realised that bed
should be a bigger part pf people's lives. i mean people
should definatly spend more time than they do.

... so i have an idea:
there should be public beds!!!! like beds everwhere! i
would say... like on every street corner. but if we did
this, there would have to be some rules and regulations.
like... no dirty stuff, no scabies or crabs, people must
wash everyday to be able to get in the beds, no bed hogs
or blanket hogs and copius amounts of pillows.

i mean the romans had public (cubicle-less) toilets so...
why not beds! the you could just take little naps whenever
you pleased!

i'm just full of good ideas (and nonsense,

well... of to get yet another cup of coffee. enjoy you
day... til we meet again.

ôyou know how it is wake up feeling green
sick as a dog and six times as meanô

bye bye
love stella

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