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Replying to Adam
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2002-01-22 11:03:58 (UTC)

Tomorrow is Wesley s b-day. I..

Tomorrow is Wesley's b-day. I haven't sent his card yet-
errr! I'm in trouble! I miss him so much, yesterday at
lunch a "friend" of mine asked me about him and if we were
still together, and I told her we were and she was like
wow, that's a long time. It seems like forever since I was
last in his arms, I could just die to be there right now, I
want to fast forward in life to the part when I'm actually
with Wesley in person (lol) but yea, I miss him. I'm gonna
let you go because I have to leave in 40 minutes and I
haven't even gotten dressed! ahh! I'll talk to you tonight-
oh you didn't get back on last night! You lil shit! haha,
ps-I'm listening to one of the all time classic covers by
nofx-I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'd love
you to love me, I'm beggin you to beg me! didn't i didn't i
didn't i see you cryin? haha i love that song!