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2002-01-22 08:25:32 (UTC)


Wow...hmm..I didn't mean for this much time to go by
befoe I posted again :)



Anyway...there actually isn't too much that's gone
on....*thinks* I'm working on another chat for Ravenloft.
That's gonna be cool..we have a really good set of DM's and
I think it's gonna rock. I also got to be an Asst for a
day... that was fun..helped kill a whole bunch of Werewolf
characters and stuff.But..argh!...it took 11 hours..geesh!
That was horrible. I went to Atlanta with my friends Lenny
and Andrea. We went and saw Conrad. it's the first time
I've gone to visit him. We got to sleep in his bed for a
change...though...I hate his shower and his pillows are too
hard ;) I told him...so you don't have to :)I had alot of
fun. We made Conrad run changeling...it was great! I played
my first Satyr..pasion:Romance...she worked for
MatchMakers. International and had Aphrodesia 2. She
rocked. And we talked about all of us getting a house
together..which would also rock..would mean i won't need a
babysitter while I work.And Conrad and I talked..we got
alot of things out and talked about the baby and our
feelings for each other. I won't go into details..but it
made me very happy. And there is no doubt that we are
exclusively each other's. *smiles* Mesa happy Bunnie :)