Whenever * Whatever
2002-01-22 06:15:27 (UTC)

Break Stuff

In the words of Limp Bizkit..."It's just one of them days."
~Lol~ It hasn't even been bad, but everything has just been
wacked up. I ran the service desk today BY MYSELF! No one
was there to even give me my breaks or my lunch. I took one
15 minute break within my whole entire 9 hour shift. That
didn't really bother me though because I like running the
service desk & I was in an exceptionally good mood.
Everyone just seems coo-coo. It's actually pretty funny.

I talked to Amanda last night for 3 hours. I think we
covered just about everything from work to baby spit up.
~Lol~ I really needed to talk that long though. It made me
feel so much better.

Not much has changed with my parents. One way they're this
way & the next day it's fucked up again. Who knows what's
going to happen. My dad is still pulling the same crap he
always does. Some things will always be the same.

Ronnie & I had a good conversation & now most of my fears
are out the door. I know he is under a lot of stress right
now & I am just retarded sometimes. It must be all the
Pineapple Fanta I drink. ~Lol~

There is something I really wanna do. I want to meet my
biological father. I don't remember anything about him. My
mom said that he loved me & he would probably love to meet
me. It's a touchy subject for her though & she wouldn't be
much help so I will probably wait until I'm 18.