my so called life
2001-04-18 21:40:04 (UTC)

Back to school

School was ok
Felt like I never left, and it was just ten days, really.
Enough about that
This is a terrible day. :(
I feel fat and ugly.. horrible
I know I'm not really fat, but anyways..
One of these days, you know. If you're a girl that is
I totally took a dislike to Ben today. He was kinda sweet
actually, but I just.. didn't fancy him at all. I think I
want him everytime he's away, but when I see him, I
remember why he's my friend and that's all. I guess that's
good. Be positive, be positive
No more boys
All I wanna do is jump out of the window. I'm chatting
online now, being totally shallow and telling everyone
about my misery. Ironical. I know I'm stupid. But we all
got these days. Sooo
Better take a thrill- pill and go to bed :P

Sleep tight.