The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-01-22 05:35:37 (UTC)

LA Lickers, Jilly-beans, tires and 80.

Well this weekend was interesting, then on Sun night we
had our TBS meeting and then I slept and Sandy Emi and
MB's place, we had so much fun. Then today we had a
sisterhood/meet the sisters at Kimmys house and it was fun
also... for lack of another word meaning fun. Well.. then
we left and went to Quaker Stake and Lube in Sharon, an
hour away. It was so great, we had Jilly-Beans... hehe...
and then I had LA Lickers and Golden Garlic wings. Our
bill was 70 bucks for 3 of us! Then we drove home, put air
in my tires in Mercer... Yes Ammy, I know I was near you!
It was a fun eventful day! :) Well... bed time, I am going
to be sooo tired tomorrow!

Love you