The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-01-22 05:17:27 (UTC)


My friends and I went to Lexington today to watch a movie.
We saw the Royal Tennenbaums. It's a very funny movie.. a
little on the odd side at times (or through the whole
thing) but good for a laugh. When we got back my roommate,
Dirty (even though he doesn't like it), Scott, and I
watched Trading Spaces. I am definatly obsessed now... I
can't wait til the next episode and I pray that it's not
one that I have seen already. I'm a very obsessed person
with my watching of Trading Spaces.

Then this evening/night we watched the Daria movie: Is It
College Yet? It was great... I really like to watch Daria.
Anyway, Dirty left to go talk to his girlfriend on the
phone and he said before he left that he would be back to
watch Daria with us. I'm trying not to make this a bigger
deal then it is but, he never showed up... I tried to call
him twice but he was not there. I found out later that he
went with a couple of our other friends to see the MLK
movie that they were showing in the student center. I know
that he has a life away from what our group does and it
really is ok that he went... it's just that he could have
called. I know that I have made him mad before (closing the
HOuse during finals week to be exact) but he didn't even
realize that I would be irritated that he hadn't called to
say he wasn't coming. He sounded so confused on the phone
when I asked him about it. I really like having Dirty as a
friend (even though he has been a bit strange the past week
or so) and like for him to be around (I was so happy that
he is taking me out for my birthday) but I feel dejected
and am not sure why I'm making such a big deal out of such
a little thing. Fleh on me for overreacting!

Anyway, I gotta go an dread some before I go to bed... I've
got a full day of classes tomorrow!

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