Thoughts to Share
2002-01-22 04:32:41 (UTC)

Rainy Monday

Kinda like...Manic Monday? Anyways...so today was most
definitely a Monday. First class of the day...pop quiz.
Yeah...nothing sucks more than that. On the plus side I
think I did fairly well and the quiz that we took before, I
did alright on that one. Then there's cell which manages
to irritate me simply b/c we never get out on time, in
fact, if I have a full 5 minutes to trek across campus I'm
lucky. So on that quick trek today it was pouring down
rain, and Meredith apparently wanted to put me on a leash
so I didn't get out of her sight...ha. Then there was
spanish. I'm petrified of this class simply b/c I do not
know what I am doing... Of course I would get called on to
read a dialogue in which my part had like 20 million
lines. Well, ok, maybe only 30 or so...but way more than
the guy had to read! So I'm pretty sure it was obvious
that I am no spanish 201-ian by my slow reading and made up
pronunciations. Also-my name has apparently been changed
to Kathy. I dunno...whatever. :-p
This afternoon I managed to be semi-productive. I skipped
a club picture to go to the chem lab and get my lab written
up from last week. Then I came back and took a little nap,
b/c well...I didn't get much sleep last night...well,
that's another story. Let me explain.
Last night my roommate was complaining that her ear hurt.
So I told her to warm a towel b/c that's what we did at
home. I was already in the bed and not paying too much
attention when I realized that I smelled something
burning. That's right folks...we nearly managed to set the
fire alarm off for the 3rd time this year. We pretty much
freaked out, opened the windows, turned the fan on full
blast and called for backup....hehe..our experienced alarm-
setter-offians, our neighbors to the east. Anyways-no
biggie just a little smoke, a ruined towel, and enough
excitement to delay sleeping for an hour or so. And
this...is why I love my roommate. For future
reference..it's better to heat the towel in the oven, but
if you must use the microwave, keep it under 30 seconds,
and don't let it out of your sight! ;-)
Had a dorm meeting tonight...our hall now has a stress
wall. It's just huge pieces of paper used to write
whatever is stressing you out. Great idea. I like my new
RA and the people on my hall can be ok sometimes. :-)
Tomorrrow...early day. Cell lab at 8...then CEP. Must go
to language lab...ugh. Then pre-pharm pictures later in
the afternoon. And of course...studying, lots of studying.