Sporty Tomboy

2002-01-22 04:23:41 (UTC)

I dont wanna waste my time... become another casualty in society

*sigh* I miss Dru so much. I've been reading our convos
that i saved and im crying its so not kewl. well i thought
coming in here to talk about nothing might help.. so here i
go... well its not really nothing. okay well lets see what
i been doing this awesome week off. haha i dont even
remember oh man. well friday i did something... whatever it
was i musta been stoned. okay ill go backwards today ashley
and alyssa drove over and will came and got to spend time
with ashley and it was so sweet. i love seeing them
together theyre so perfect and sweet together and they're
so happy and i love them! theyre so cute! well it was fun
we had a bed party. hehe. and we watched a pretty bad movie
later... poor white trash. ouch. lol and the glass house
was so good!! thanx alyssa for letting me borrow it! your
the best dood :) alyssa slept over last night and it was so
fun we watched the exorcist-- with such fake special
effects (pea soup vomit will ewwwe) and umm fight club omg
it was the best movie ever! :) so awesum okay and lets see
so that happened and it was fun and jami slept over the
night before my sista and awww it was so much fun.. except
for my dog putting her big butt in our faces and farting
which was actually pretty funny... lol. i love you sis! and
we watched this funny comedian... and omg it was too
frickin great lol and jeepers creepers HA! that guy was
pretty weird ya gotta admit it was fucked up! haha. and
lets see me ashley and alyssa also saw vanilla sky *my 4th
time seeing it* pathetic... haha and we got a extra large
popcorn **FREE REFILLS* well... we threw it at each other
the whole time and talked really loud about stuff that
nobody in there approved of. haha ashley said: "we're being
the loud annoying teenagers i hate and its great!" lol yesh
it was so awesome duders! and well we ended up getting 4
popcorn refills and drank these 2 sodas in the first 10
minutes of the movie so ashley had to leave like every 5
minutes for the bathroom... haha. i told her when the not
important parts were on or "non sweet" lol cuz shes into
that stuff. well at the end the floor was covered in
popcorn about one extra large and the other 3 we had
basically eaten and so we all moved about 20 minutes before
the movie was over so we were all split up... me in the
front row.. alyssa in the second and ash in the third and
at the credits we ran out to the car as soon as it was over
so they wouldnt find out it was us.. lol and rick has to
clean up after us! aww im sorry rick. *blushies* okay well
on friday i think i went to dennys maybe i dont remember!
ahhh brain freeze. okay well i also remember going to ames
and walmart and running around buying random things! yay!
okay thats all i remember from our weekend. but whatever i
did it was fun. probably cuz i was stoned while doing it?
oh yeah. lol. yes i did get to play with videocameras too
but that sounds wrong seeing as im a porn star.. so lets
stop there. hehe. awww i love sean so much! were arguing
about who loves each other more. lol yay my brother rocks!
its so cute we do act like brother and sister with all this
fighting. lol its awesome! love you dood! well this
vacation thing is getting so confusing with all this stuff
and i cant even remember everything i did which scares me.
haha okay well i must say... Kisses spread germs and germs
are kiss me baby! Im vaccinated!! lol and Dru,
I love you so much more then you will ever know and i
promise were gunna be together forever cuz its meant to be.
god brought us together and nothings ever going to keep me
away from you. I love you.

***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeeeee

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