Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-22 04:18:22 (UTC)

Broken Neck and Broken Back in 3 Places, I'm glad its not me!

I feel so bad for Bobby Bonds, not only does he break his
neck and back, but he gets a concussion, breaks his
shoulder, and has some problem with his larynx. Ouch!!!
At least he's not paralyzed, but jeez, that's going to ruin
his life for a very long time...
Ok then, moving on. I worked on my History Journal, and
wrote 2 entries, only 11 more to go *dies slowly*. I
finished my English poem, its soooo lame, but Mr. Romaine
will love it just cause I wrote it, heh. Oh well, so
yeah... 96 or so more days till I get to go to Salt Lake!
I finally found out who one the 250 class overall last year
at Mt. Morris, Vuillemin. Huh, I figured it was RC.
Anyways, I slept in till 1:30 today, worked some things out
with God, heh, got up, ate, did some of my homework, then
basically did nothing till now. But I really don't want to
go back to school tomorrow!!! Noooooo! I think maybe I'll
hide out in the library again during lunch, maybe write
another journal entry or something. You know, if I was
just a little more outgoing maybe I could find some friends
that like motocross. But oh know, I'm one of those loser,
who would rather mope and be alone, then heaven forbid,
actually talk to someone. *Growls* ... At least I haven't
been impregnated by my dad. I was watching this thing on
TV and this girl was pregnant with her dad's kid, and was
going to have it since "they were such a close family."
Understatement, when your dad's fucking you I think your a
little bit more than just close. But that is soooo
disgusting!!! Ewwwww! there are so many screwed up people
in this world. Speaking of which. My dad wants a great
dane. How random, but he says that when we move to Maine,
he's going to get one...
And in speaking of Maine *cries* I'm going to be, 38 miles
from the nearest mall, 45 miles from the nearest movie
theater, and 996 from the nearest motocross track. Kill me
now!!!! Not to mention the average freshman age of the
University of Maine at Presque Isle is 23, whereas I'll be
18. So, damn. Its only for two years, but AHHHHHHHHH!!!
I'm so not going to make it!!!!! *goes insane* I need a
friend!!!!!! Not a lover/Valentine/sexy punk rawk grrrrrl,
I already got the best ;) Thank God, for certain things!
But hey, I need a friend ... beside someone I can't see, or
someone that lives where I want to... Ok, I'm going to go
mope in the shower now.

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