F**KED up life
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2001-04-18 20:52:30 (UTC)

me and her...

her. her as in staci. my gf. we started going out in like
september, or some where there. and i broke up with her
like three times, cause t never felt like she liked me. and
then the finall time she did break up with me. to go out
with mike. some 17 year old guy. and when she broke up with
me we didnt talk after that. not for 1 1/2 mouths. i email
her the same day taht she called me. it was weird taht we
both tried to get a hold of eachother at the same time. and
she was still going out with mike. but after a while of
talking she dumped him. and we started going out. and still
i feel like she is not all that loyal. and i talk to her
friend trista, and she told me that when ever she meets
guys online that she tells them that she is single. and
that she hits on them. that really didnt bother me. its jus
that that is where she meets like most the guys she knows.
so i was going to sigh on my dads name and talk to her,
pretend taht i dont know her and just see what kinda stuff
she says. but im not going. cause i guess i trust her
enogh. that when she tell sme that she loves me i have to
belive her. or i want to. but latly ive been like quite and
i dont really know why. its just that when ever i talk to
her she is always doing soemthing and never listens. like
lat night i was trying to talk to her. i said her name 4
times, she never heard. then she started talking to me and
i told that i would call her later. and she said no. and it
was weird. i was so pissed at everything last night.and i
want to share a diary online with her, just to know what
goes on in her day, and what she gose through. cause i
really love her, so much that i just want to know everyiht
and do everything with her. but shes not the same way. and
theres another reason why she dose seem to like me. or
cheats. . . .

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