Lemon Drop
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2002-01-22 04:11:22 (UTC)


Lemon Head,
Hey! whats new? ntmh.. Olivias bein A LOT nicer which s
scarin me.. and she likes duckie.. but thank god he hates
her! no offence 2 her.. but i want him 2 like meeee! lol...
well i finally scartched Brennan off my list (dunno if i
told u) so i have Duckie and Semega.. blech.. i seriously
have bad taste (no offence guys!) OMG ashley and john r
going out!!! ASHLEY and JOHN! that scares me! ashleys a
different kinda gal than john.. not in a bad way.. just
different.. and now ok here are the final pairs @ our lunch
table for bffs:
Ash and Nikki and Sam (dont ask me i think Nikki's a lez)
Chrissy and Muah
Lia and Gibson
Mary and Hannah (dunno?)
Alexa and Gina
Megan and Muah
and thats it (i think)

god i'm so bored.. it's ONLY 11 and i have school 2morro
but i'm not tired @ all! watch me during l.a. fall asleep!
lol.. ok sooo.. 2morro morining i hafta finish my R.D of
the language thingy.. POOPERS! i seriously think i might
stay home or somethin and pretend to b sick cuz my back b
aching and my tummy b growling and my head b hurting..
Girlll i b hurting lol

Ok I'm cold and my toes hurt and i wanna go 2 sleeeeep


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