Life as I know it.
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2002-01-22 03:59:31 (UTC)

stand in the place you live

Ok so i know i havent updated this for a few weeks but not
much really has been going on.

I'm still on the great job search, Graduate college thought
I could find a job right away, I was wrong...obviously.
The museum is hiring so i hope i get that job or the
intercultural advisor at a college.

Well I thought I was getting along with Matt again, and up
til last night things were great. I was starting to see
him a little more often, we were talking more, but like
last night...ugh...he is online and told me to hold on that
he would be right back, then 45 minutes later he comes back
online and im sitting here like "hmm when is he going to
say something to me..." so i wait and i im him and didnt
get anything so 5 minutes go by and i IM him again, still
nothing, then 5 more minutes im starting to get pissed
cause i really just wanted to go to bed and he still wasnt
talking to me, so im like "listen if you didnt want to talk
then dont tell me to wait" then i ranted a bit, switched
screennames to check otehr mail and i come back and tells
me to chill the fuck out, which is understandable and when
i tried to talk to him after that he was being straight up
shitty to me, and like the other day we talked and i
realized that i dotn nkow ANYTHING going on right now so i
was like "tell me something new aout you" and he is
like "im not playing that game" its not a game, man
sometimes you know I like to know people better, fuck it he
is my ex boyfriend and i dont know why that is why he
refuses to tell me stuff or what but it makes me upset
cause im like so open to him and he is so closed to me.
fuck it.