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2001-04-18 20:35:14 (UTC)

The great epiphany

Well, I've been up and about since 6 in the morning for
about one week and a half. It would be absolutely fine if
I could figure out how to get to sleep at night. I'm
getting really stressed and my body as well as my mind are
all feeling the results of my worries. I'm tired of my
house and the people in it, I know that it is a harsh thing
to think but I'm being honest and I mean no disrespect for
those in the house whom I love dearly. I have decided that
I am moving out by the end of this year. I just haven't
told my parents yet, and I'm frightened by their probable
reactions. I need my freedom, I feel like I'm being
smothered, I need my space and my life. Me and ying have
had a slight argument, over the internet!! Nevertheless,
we are in a bit of a weird stage right now, I do hope it
passes though before the concert date. I can't wait until
we have our shows!! It is going to be so much fun, I
haven't had this much anticipation since high school!!
I'm suppose to go over to Billy's house on friday, just a
friend thing, ya know, just to hang and chill and talk, but
I'm really nervous, because all my feelings for him have
been resolved and I truly don't know if they ever will. So
we'll see what happens. Work is ok I guess, regardless of
the fact that I don't want to be doing this, it is not that
bad. I'm getting really tired of just being by myself. It
is not THAT bad, you get freedom and time to reflect, but
I've really had enough time to reflect thank you!! and I
really would love to find can I do?
I'll be here when he decides to come I guess...I just hope
he'll be waiting if I get impatient and decide to come
first!! :)

Well, I should get some work done before I leave to go to
work again...

Until next time.

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