a little piece of me
2002-01-22 03:16:12 (UTC)

we pay our debts on time

sorry, song is on the radio. i really like this song
actually. by aic (alice in chains). it's so sad, i
guess. it's a nice change from all the new bullshit
they've been playing on the radio lately. all the songs
sound the same to me. actually, i think i'm gonna go throw
in aic. ahhh, much better. down in a hole is on right now.

so, about my day. i still have that hazy feeling in my
head, but it's not as strong as it was yesterday. i've had
a mild headache all day long, too. anyway, it was a fairly
decent day. jessie and i went to springfield. i went
looking for something in particular, and of course it was
gone this time. figures. should have bought it when i had
the chance. oh well. anyway, i had a wicked frozen french
vanilla cappucino...with whipped cream and sprinkles. oh
dear lord was that orgasmic. cost me an arm and half a
leg, but it was totally worth it. since we didn't have
anything else to do, we went to see a movie. we saw 'in
the bedroom'. very good movie. too bad it didn't come out
in more places. 2 thumbs up. jessie also really liked
it. we goofed off some more at the mall, then headed back
here. it was good to get out of the house. i think way
too much when i'm here alone.

speaking of thinking, i gotta go back to classes tomorrow.
this has been the longest weekend of my life. no friday
classes, and no classes today. plus i went home thursday
night. soo long. i'm actually kinda looking forward to
class, i just hate that it's at 8 in the damn morning.
it's only orn lab, so not too much thinking will be
involved. we'll probably watch another movie. then i have
design. we made wire sculptures last time. it was fun,
but i am so not creative. i made one to kill time in
class, but it sucked so i made another here at home.
they're due tomorrow. i'm not sure what we'll be doing

anyway, i guess that's about it. except for feeling hazy,
it wasn't such a bad day.