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2002-01-22 00:04:56 (UTC)

True Love - Forgetting all toughs

Hot night of Monday. Streets of my home town. I am tired of
playing the game that worst is not a rat trap. Many times
we get to go out it catch as much. Way is to run away from
it. Instead of trying to pray the truth I will just light
all toughs and lies with bright of something. True love can
not be fadded. It can candle every shadow in any place.
It is time to do not use time to try to deny the lies. Each
lie we could destroy other is created with cheap words.
Only single words made she smiled so much as their false
friends never could or wanted.
My friend is Mel I could realize if I passed by Carol. I am
trying to make a contact to help her but odds did not let
me do it. I dream about I was carrying Carol in a flight and
I was an Angel or something. It was last Wednesday.