A model's life
2002-01-22 03:03:10 (UTC)

This is me

Okay my old diary was a pretty good diary and all. But i
had to delete because of some, lets say "issues" with it,
but whatever..fuck taht. anyways, it was a really good
diary and it had a lot of intimate and precious moments in
it and all.

Let me outline my life for you, okay?

I am 14 years old, about to be 15 soon.
I attend an all girls school in suburban area of a
northeastern state. I am a dancer, and not too good of a
student...but thats okay... but i do try, but it seems as
if my efforts dont pay off or whatever. I am an aspiring
model. I really wanna model really bad. I have been to NYC
for some modeling interviews and all but they all said they
want me to lose 10 lbs and then come back, then i was 104
now i am like 114 so i need to lose 20 lbs but whatever.
tonight i totally pigged out, i had like 2 bowls of chilli
and like 6 biskets, i over eat, i kno i do, i really need
to slim down and everything.
I am currently single and not happy about taht. like i have
my highs and lows. like some days im all pumped up and
everythign and ill be like "I dont need a guy, etc..." and
some days ill be like I NEED A MAN!!