The Eye of the Storm
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2002-01-22 01:52:57 (UTC)

Universal Studios..

Initiation. supposed to be great, but not really. ive had
better times. the best part was when i was walking around
w/ tyson who was a pimp. most of the time i was Antoinette
Prescott, more commonly known as Toni, the british slut. i
had fun with that. it was hilarious. heres a convo me and
tyson had on the bus.

"hey honey want some work?"
"hello luv, how much would i get paid?"
"well i always take 80% of the profits"
"80%?!? what the bloody hell for?"
"i have other jobs, i would protect you"
"sorry luv, you would need that money to protect you from

which ended that conversation, and had everyone laughing.
what he never knew was that Toni was the personality of a
serial killer. she was the one who was active and mostly
castrated her victums then killed them. hehehe. i like her.
she fits the personality great. everything i could ever
want. *sigh* wish it was me.. always able to know that it
couldnt be blamed on me.. being able to will my personality
to change at any time. nice. very nice.

i have to go. later now


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