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2002-01-22 01:12:58 (UTC)

while she looks so sad in photographs,

i absolutely love her when she smiles..

im sooo tired. it was a good day=) caroline and i ended
up being up kinda late and then i had to get up at 7 to be
at perkins at 8 to meet all these kids... like 15 of
them... i didnt really know anyone it was just me and dawn
and naomi and ashleigh a lot of the time. it was fun=)
dawns so cute she was holding my hand so hard on the
rollercoaster.. naomis really cool.. i dont think their
friend kevin likes me at all... i definetely did not fit
into that group of people.. but anyway it was a good day ad
katie didnt go so that was a relief, i didnt much care to
deal with that...
i have lots and lots to write but i am soo incredibly tired.

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