.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-01-22 00:28:36 (UTC)

i need to write now

i cant talk to any of my friends, maybe sam, but he makes
me too sad, i saw him today we hung out, he had made me a
mix tape, and a zine, for me. with pictures and writings,
made me sad but thats just him, i wanted to hug him and
kiss him when i left, i do care and i do love him,
everything made me uneasy though. i had a good time, i
like mandy i think by hanging out with her i am
subconciously proving the people who hate her wrong. i like
her and shes nice and friendly, she doesnt even annoy me
like most of my freinds.

sam today, man, mandy and i agreed... we want him, even
rich is adorbale, they are both so funny and great together.

i dont want to write what i feel right now in the zine, it
doesnt seem right, too personal, though i doubt thats
possible for a zine. im tired thouhg, mainly emotionally.
i had a date today but fuck it, im done with emotions
anyway, they are only out to get me.

there are 26/111 people on my buddy list, thats almost 1/4,
im talking to one, zac, and he isnt even really talking
back that well, maybe i need to sleep early tongith and not
think about this. final grades come back this week, i
guess i should care, but i cant, its not even worth it.

So, is that what you call a getaway? Tell me what you got
away with. Cause I've seen more spine on jellyfish... and
I've seen more guts on eleven-year-old kids. Have another
drink and drive yourself home. I hope there's ice on all
the roads. And you can think of me when you forget your
seatbelt, and again when your head goes through the