Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-18 18:43:02 (UTC)

Wednesday April 18,2001

1:28 pm

Well last night... while I was online this guy Chuck who is
23... gave me his number... but he was long distance from
me... So I was like here is my pager number give me a
ring..So he paged me like 3 times givin me his number
again... and I was like damn boy... lol So I got back
online and was like here is my number call me... So he
did.. we talked 4 a few minutes.. and he clicked over 4
another call.. and never clicked back over so I just hung
up... So I got back online to find emails from him saying
he was sorry.. and he was also online.. so I was like well
call me now aight? So he did.. and we talked bout different
things such as food, stores, etc... lol then we started to
talk a lil dirty... so in the end we had phone sex... aight
so I'm a bad gurl... hehe... then he was like well I'll let
u go... goodnight sweet dreams... I'll talk to u tomorrow
sweetie... I was aight same to u... and we hung up... Well
at like 9:30 pm not to long after we hung up... my pager
was going off.. and it was him sayin goodnight sweet
dreams.. and askin me to call him if I was still awake...
lol well he paged me 4 times I think It was.. So I was like
damn this boy must miss me.... lol and during that time I
signed online and he left me 3 emails!! So I was like well
damn... I'm going to call him... I used one of my uncles
phone cards and called him... We talked, laughed, had phone
sex yet again, and we talked again.. well then my phone
card had like one minute left.. So I was like.. do u wanna
call me back or call it a night? He was like I'll call u
back... which he did... then we were talkin dirty again..
and he started to tell me bout all of his "freeky" times he
has had.. which sorta turned me on and got me horny.. so we
both had phone sex again... lol 4 times... I think we did
that.. hehe... after that we just talked... and we hung up
at 2:00 am.... long time huh?? And what do u know.. he
didn't page me after we hung up... lol... He seems nice and
all... but he sounds gay... im sorry but he does... but
hell I can look over that lol :) Well I think thats bout
all.. I just wanted to get in an entry before my friend
Andria came over here.. cuz she would be readin everything
that I wrote... and I don't want that... So I'll go now cuz
she should be here any minute.... bye bye

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