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2002-01-21 23:58:25 (UTC)

another adventure in philly

Me and the girls are getting very good at this whole train
Last night, me, KC, Lindsay, Sarah, Hale, Cat, and
Christina went to the teen night in Philly was a
lot of fun. We got all dressed up, looked very good
without being too hoochie, and managed to get to the club
and back, catching like 3 trains, taking a shuttle bus,
etc, and we were all home by curfew. Fun stuff!
The highlight of the trip, while the dancing was amazingly
fun, was definitely the train ride home. Guess which seven
hyper girls got "stuck" on a train car with about 50 sexy
frat guys from UPenn? After about fifteen minutes of the
ride, the four boyfriendless ones of us were getting with
the hotties of the group. The guy I hooked up with was
Nick- he had spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and very nice
lips. It was just ruined when Cat went through my purse,
grabbed a condom, and handed it to him. "Jule, be the
first of us to do it on a train!" she said. Thanks, Cat.
But he's a sophomore in college so he handled it very
maturely and just laughed :)
All of the girls were very excited over this
conquest. "These guys aren't future trailer trash!" we
cried, "They're Ivy League! They're going to BE something!"
Needless to say, it was a fun night.
Ohh and one of the guys claimed he was going to be on Real
World, the next one. He's been called back to auditions
like 20 times and has just a couple more cuts to make. So
we were like "When you get on, say hi to the girls you met
on the train!!!" It was really funny, we reminded him of
it about eighty times. So if a really cute guy with spiked
black hair, dark brown eyes, and a thing for leather
jackets, named Ben, makes it on, let me say it now... I met