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2002-01-21 23:10:12 (UTC)

This weekend was awesome!!!

Hey! I've had like the best weekend!!! Cuz i quit
gymnastics like a few months ago and it seriously like used
to be my life and so i had a bunch of friends there and i
never get to talk to them nemore! but newayz the st. jude
gymnastic meet in ptown was on saturday!!! so i got to go
and see them all compete! and before awards i got to talk
to them but i ahd to leave before they got there awards
which kinda sucked! but newayz then i went home and got
ready for the Nelly concert!!! which was soooo awesome!!!
It was like forever until nelly actually came out but it
was worth it when he did! it was a blast! even tho i
smelled like crap cuz there was sooo many ppl smokin weed!
yea but then after that i went straight over to my friends
house who lives in ptown cuz she used to be a gymnast but
she quit too but she invited all of our old gym buddies
over for a sleep over! But stupid stubborn cheeby melissa
didn't come just cuz she doesn't like renae which sucks cuz
she was my best friend in gymnastics!but newayz it was
still fun and then in the moring ang oltman got sick which
wasn't good but then i watched pearl harbor for the first
time cuz i hadn't seen it and i really wanted to and lemme
tell u i balllled my eyes out! It was sooo sad but sooo
good! lol ok but newayz then later that night my friend
laura had a party so i went to that and it was pretty fun!
but my friend mandy couldn't go and the whole night i was
just like we are missin someone...o yea mandy isn't here!
oook well lets see and then tonight i'm goin to the ep vs.
washington game! so hopefully that will be fun! ok well
i'ma go so i'll ttyl! bye

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