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2002-01-21 22:57:24 (UTC)

I dunno

Alex came online last night and he wasnt too happy. He had
a huge go at Matt and now the two of them aren't talking. I
have officially broken up a friendship that, at one stage,
couldve lasted through anything.
I'm going to the Jamiroquai concert with Matt, his sister
and her friends. It should totally rock!!!!
You know something, i reckon i have feelings for both of
them now :S. I can't let go of Alex that quickly, he was
such a huge part of my life for such a long time, its way
too hard to just let that slip...
Thats probably why i dont want to get too serious with
matt, if i did i would just be in the same problem that i
was in before i broke up with alex. Now ive gotta try and
keep matt at a distance without letting him know this.
Thats hard.
Plus, i have to try and keep Alex happy, without telling
him this to get his hopes up.
Thats hard too.
Hey, if anyones reading this and has some advice or has
been in a similar situation before, email me at
[email protected] please.

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