Like a book
2001-04-18 18:01:49 (UTC)

A day in hell, and tomorrow to dread


Ok, today has to have been the worst in the holidays so
far. Every now and then my mum drops me off at my "Aunties"
house, thinking that I enjoy the company of my "cousins"
but they are without a doubt the worst people to hang out
with. Now don't get me wrong, Kuran's ok. when I agree to
play football with him, and Jaipreet's ok when she's
watching tv (the mindless kind) but otherwise it's awfull.
They fight like it's a national sport and they're going for
the record. You know what the worst thing is, I have the
whole thing repeated tomorrow, I had no say in it

**Aunt is in speech marks because she isn't really my

So basically I spent the whole day playing crappy card
games and dominos or listening to them bicker continuosly, I
also played cricket in the rain, the ball went over the
fence twice and both times they simply hopped over the wall
and took it back.

**I'm braking through, I'm bending spoons, I'm keeping
flowers in full bloom, I'm looking for answers from the
great beyond.**

I've sent a submission to a magazine and I'm turning idea's
over in my mind for a different competition, I refuse to
remain in the shadows.

Still haven't found somewhere to do kickboxing, but I will.
The determination is the same kind that drives me to do 100
sit-ups a day, gotta go, I've got 100 left!

**I watch Buffy like it's a religion**