mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-21 22:26:11 (UTC)

Confused.....I am VERY CONFUSED !!!!!

lisa is messin w/my head big time.... says she wants to see
the pre-nup now, but says shes not sure she will sign
it...says if she dont sign, will it mean end of us ?? i
have no answer for her on that.... I also made out my will,
and she didnt say anything bout that..
i want her to sign it, it is only to protect things in case
something happens, it even says that in it.
i did get fri night off, we will be going to foxwoods, as
long as we are talking....everything is like a
rollercoaster now, im not certain what is happening 5 min
from now, no less 4 days...
I really want us to be happy, but it seems to me that
entire relationship has changed lately.
Garth's song "wrapped up in you " i thought was written
just for us, but with way things have been goin lately, i
dont know....
I feel like i am outside my body watching everything
happen , with very little if any control of situation.
i hate feeling like this, but what am i to do ???
Lisa I really do love you , PLEASE believe me.....

thats it for now.....TTFN