Deep Down
2002-01-21 21:59:40 (UTC)

Don't Let Her Go........

This is to all my fellow guys out there. Don't know how
many of us there really are that read and write in this
diary thing. Here's a little advice.....not that you need
it. Don't ever let the girl of your dreams fall thru your
fingers. Never push her away or hurt it. Even if it's your
gf and you think she's not the girl of your dreams, she
very well might be. Don't lose her. Hang on to her for dear
life. Tell her daily how much she means to you. Never let
go. Tell her how beautiful she is to you in everyway. Every
woman on this planet....agree with me or not......are
beautiful. Sure some aren't quote unquote beauty queens.
But they are special. Sensitive. Loving. Caring.
Thoughtful. Intelligent. Giving. Trusting. Honest. Hopeful.
Soulful. Interesting. Funny. They are what makes the world
go 'round. They are the air we breathe. If it wasn't for
them....we'd die. They are life. They are love. They are
all beautiful. I think I found my life. I think I found my
air. I think I found my eyes. I think I found all beauty. I
think I found love.......in you.

Love Always Issac

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