A nun and monkey walk into a bar...
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2002-01-21 21:52:18 (UTC)

ANother weekend gone ......

Well another weekend came and went. Its almost time for
work. Friday night I came back to Michaels house after
work. After chatting on the computer for a bit we both just
kinda passed out. Saturday we walked up to Taco Bell and
the rented a couple of movies. American Psycho and
Evolution. That night we went out to the Vogue with Rick,
Chad and Don. I had to leave early-female problems. He ran
into some other people while I was gone and, I guess hes
supposed to go as a guest to some members only thing. Wont
get to see him much this weekend :( But thats I
have to work Friday night and all day Saturday...ugh. But I
also need the money. Well back to my weekend story. I came
home and wsa a little buzzed. Two shots of tequila and a
screwdriver does that to ya. And started taling to a couple
of old flings. One kept trying to get me to come over lol.
Wasnt gonna happen. It wasnt my fault he decided that his
ex was more important. Thats like the third guy that did
that to me since ive been here lol. BUt he learned his
lesson I guess- that there is a reason that theyre called
your ex. Im not gonna wait around. I wasnt looking for
anythign when I found Michael and hes wonderful. Im not
gonna mess that up no matter how hard they may try to get
Last night I had a planning dinner. Which got nowhere fast.
But it will come toghether I guess. I hope anyway. Tonight
at work and after work im gonna pick out scripture.
I have no classes today but I do have to work
ugh. I have gotten nothing done for school. Planning these
emphesis weeks is taking way too much out of my school
work. I WILL NOT be doing this next year .......... NO WAY!
I start my new position tomorrow in the Office Of
Development. Finally I can say that I do somethign besides
housekeeping and retail. Ugh.
Well thats all for me for now.

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