Baby Story
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2002-01-21 20:55:54 (UTC)

16 wks 6 days

Well, I had an nice visit home to see my Father. My
grandparents came up for a visit and I got to spend time
with my sister (4) and brother (4 months). I was in baby
heaven with him, what a cute baby. I hope that I am as
blessed with such a good baby. It was neat to see how
Nelson would hold and play with him. A nice insight to our

We spent the entire 3 1/2 hour drive back home talking. It
was so nice, to have such a long talk without the music
blaring, or long silences. He is my best friend! Well, no
more news lately, sorry so boring. Hopefully some good
news soon, or something spicy happening. OH! Wish me luck,
as i am putting in my two weeks at my part time job
today.... Im scared!!!

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