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2002-01-21 20:50:01 (UTC)

insurance companys need to..

insurance companys need to leave me alone. theyre annoying.
i dont like feeling like im being interigated. gr.
recording me and all of that. but oh well. people have jobs
to do...
i spent the night at emilys last night. we had a good time
out with her friends.
shawns on his way over here right now. hes going to help me
clean out my oh so disgustingly messy car. which is a good
thing. it needs to be cleaned.
i dont look so cute right now.
i met christina and this boy rj for lunch. it was good. i
really like this new one that she found. he seems really
nice and capable of dealing with her bullshit. which is
good, because she needs someone like that. not someone with
more bullshit than she has.
adrienne is at busch gardens right now. i was supposed to
go with her. but i didnt. and im glad that i didnt because
walking around a place like that seems like way too much
movement for me. definetly.
i didnt have class today and that was nice.
i only have one class tomorrow. and thats nice as well.
im in a really fucking good mood today. im really happy.
and there isnt really anything thats making me happy so i
dont know.
im excited that bob dylan is so soon. i cant wait for that
concert. as well as le tigre and the butchies. thats going
to be so great. gee.
i love music.
time for me to clean my car. i hope shawn gets here soon.
yay time for loud good music. hehe. yes.


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