Bitch & Moan
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2001-04-18 16:27:33 (UTC)

Did YOU know?

* I have every letter you ever wrote to me. All of them.
Safe. Warm. Worn out from being read and re-read?
* That I have your picture driving around in the van with
* That I do silly things because of you, like only using
black ink because YOU hate blue?
* That I compare everyone to YOU?
* I still use our same password for stuff?
* I cannot leave the house without ironing!?
* John & Trudy....what else can I say??
* I even love the way you eat!
* All of our favorite movies...I can't watch them without pangs of
lonliness for you...missing you. Missing us.
* Watching Rikki Lake.
* Oh, damn, your mac cheese....
* Hey, Laa da deee laa da da
* Newport ~ cheese doodles...

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