dismal life
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2002-01-21 19:14:41 (UTC)

i was so sick

Damn I was so sick yesterday...I was toking with Christine
yesterday and I threw up all over the place..=( ewwww

MiKeY abandoned me for 2 days...I dunno where the fuck he
went...Maybe he wnt to BILLY'S house and slept over cuz
that's his new best friend...GRRR I'm starting to hate
these fucking freshmens in our school. They piss me off
sometimes. I don't like that black chick that trys to rub
up on my man when I'm not around! eewww But MiKeY is a
fucking idiot and he would get it from anyone and that
makes me angry too...Sometimes I think I should just get
rid of him so I can go on to better this
fall, meeting new people...I love him so much but he needs
to chill with these freshmen...I know that they are more on
his level because he is immature and all but come on. I
hated that day when we almost broke up and Alex try to kiss
me and h just sat there with those fucking freshmen...God
and Audrey is just a fucking idiot. Now I know why Natalie
hates her fucking guts. Let me shut up before I fuck up my

I think Vinnie hates me...