My Stuffff that no one cares about
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2002-01-21 18:52:56 (UTC)

I haven t wrote to this mother..

I haven't wrote to this mother fucker in awhile! So here I
am. Hmm I'm engaged!! When I'm 24 I will be married to the
best girl on earth! :) She knows who she is! I've been over
Liz for quite some time now so thats good. Good stuff.
Unfortunetly shes acting like a bitch towards me. I really
was shocked when she did it too.... I didnt see her as the
kind of person who would do something like that. More
problems with Alix :(.... It's not quite a fight... but she
wanted to im Liz and talk to her about this stuff and shit
and I didn't want her to cause Liz is just gonna give the
same answers like i dont know and i cant help it and my
mind is like this and all that stuff. So Alix gets upset
and says y cant i be concerned? And then all this stuff
comes out about y cant she be one of those girls who r
always happy... even though everyone has problems. Then she
asks me to go away cause she doesnt want to talk to anyone.
She also thinks I like Jamie, and Liz told her that... I
think Liz believes that b/c i was talking to Jamie on the
phone for hours the other night. It's all 2 confusing! I
want Alix to be ok because I love that girl.. I really do
love her so much. Jamie and Alix are the 2 most important
girls in my life... they really are.... and if I have other
girlfriends they will come and go.... But Jamie and Alix
will always be more important in my life to me then my
girlfriends... because friendships like this last. I love
them both with all my heart and I would do ANYTHING they
wanted me to.. to help them or make them feel better. When
they hurt it makes me hurt too. I've been getting closer to
Jamie lately and it's great but I don't want to grow
distant with Alix. I really need them both in my life right
now. When Liz and I broke up... Jamie was the one who
really really cared! Alix cared too by e-mailing her and
all and i appreciate that very much.... but Jamie was the
only one who really just was like aww i'm sorry and just
really talked to me and everything... and I did care about
Liz more than most previous girlfriends... but Jamie made
it ok and she has always been there for me. I love her so
much... and I love Alix so much too. Jamie i'm looking at
my pile of DVD's... when the fuck r u coming over to watch
all these!!!!!????????. I don't know if i could just go out
with any girl right now though.. like I don't really want
another girlfriend now... but there would be a few
exceptions. I don't want a girl that is gonna break my
heart.. I need a girl that I can love... not necessarily be
in love with... but love.... and I need her to feel it back
towards me. There r few girls out there who i think could
do that right now... but they do exist. So if u do like me
and u do think u could do that.... I'll be open minded...
just let me know.. fer real. GREAT! Jamie is making me take
pics of myself with my swollen cheecks! :( DAMN HER TO HELL
she gave me the puppy dog eyes! All right well i gotta go
take a bath for the first time in like years instead of a
shower b/c the pain killers r making me dizzy. So i shall
talk to ya later! Whirlpool jets in the tub :) Someone keep
me company in there?? HAHA No ted i dont want to take it
with u... i was refering to another female. OK peoples lata