Creative Walks& Poetic Talks
2001-04-18 14:45:05 (UTC)

To do what is right...

I have learned in life that if I stand alone and I do the things
that I know is right despite of what others think then I am
courageous. I once was the kind of person that felt that I am
nothing if I do not have a man . I do now know that if I love
who I am then I am somebody ,even if others do not think
so. if I am at the point in my life that I do what I know is right
even if I have to stand alone then I am strong.
In my life I have learned very valuable lessons they hurt but
they are priceless.I was the kind of person that I was always
worry about what others thought of me .And I seen myself as
weak .But at the same time I was so tired of being step on.
And treated like I am nothing.Afraid to fight back.But as I get
older I realize that I am special and if no one think so .SO
what! There opinion of me does not matter.It takes a strong
person to be themselves despite what what others think of
them and what they may feel about them.
SO I say to all those that read my diary.Love who you .
KNow who you are,And accept your shortcomings
But do not allow yourself to stay down because you are not
like the other person If you love who you are and not care
what others think and feel then you are strong you are
what others wish they were.