2002-01-21 17:06:30 (UTC)

Longing to make the Stardust home...

well, there's no welcome mat at the door...but there IS a
band of tissue paper marked "SANITIZED" that they wrap
around the toilet seat, and really, that's as good as a
welcome mat anyway right? I can't believe that I've been
eighteen for 4 months and i've only now figured out the
best perk of being eighteen...YOU CAN RENT A HOTEL ROOM. a
place to smoke, drink, and drunkenly go in search of a
trucker to fuck at 2 in the morning in peace. plus, a fine
institution like the stardust is only 30 dollars a night at
this time of year. divide that between four friends, and
you have yourself a 6 dollar sanctuary...and some
bodyguards to keep you from fucking said trucker. THere
are a couple drawbacks...they won't clean puke off of a
bedspread until after you leave, even if you've been there
for multiple nights...and there is the steady rythm of a
porn bass line thumping through the wall of the trucker's
room...but really, that's a lot better than a screaming
woman nearing menapause that blames you for every mistake
she's made in her life, and a little brother who, under
satan's supervision i'm sure, is so bored with his time
that he tries to plot out ways to ruin your life.
I've always got the stardust.
the neighbors may be creeps,
but i can really get some sleep
in a bed that treats me nice
smelling like vomit and old spice.
I've always got the stardust.

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